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5 TOP reasons to get a financial advisor

Many people are on the fence about getting a financial advisor. There is general perception that financial advisors are expensive and much suspicion surrounds their fee structure. While this service is not free, the value of a financial advisor far exceeds the their fees.

1. Information Overload

In this age of information overload, your own financial choices may be the result of clever advertising  rather than your perceived financial prowess. Free will you say? Information does not always equal understanding. Adverts are designed to orchestrate your financial choices and the fine print does not always cover what you need. A financial advisor on the other hand specalises in a range of financial solutions and is very aware of the fine print you may have missed.

2. Getting real – Debt be gone 

Having a financial advisor that can assess your financial situation, will force all your financial bad habits out into the open. A financial advisor can help you put a strategy in place that will set your financial house in order.

3. Under-cover Disappointment

DIY financial planning has lead to may people being disappointed with the cover they received…. read more

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